Maintenance Services :

 Cooling Tower Repairs
 Cooling Tower Preventive Maintenance
 Cooling Tower Inspections
 Cooling Tower Annual Maintenance
 Preventive Chemicals

Since 1993


NJX was started as a solutions provider to the industry for various problems faced by them from existing cooling towers suppliers, which are:

  • Delayed Response to Customer's Enquiries
  • Late Delivery
  • Poor Erection
  • Poor Quality of Components
  • Unsatisfactory after Sales Services
  • Monopolistic Pricing, Especially of Critical Components

Although NJX Cooling Towers & Equipments is relatively a new name in industry, it has been manufacturing and supplying cooling towers to the Indian and abroad industries including Electricity Generation, Petroleum Industry, Chemical Industry, Sugar Mill, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Steel Plants and many more applications.


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