NJX Cooling Towers & Equipments Private Limited have been making cooling towers for over 8 years in FRP, Timber, RCC and Pultruded.

Due to fast industrialization and the coming of many power plants, NJX sees a league emerging market for cooling tower in India and sees itself as being an important player in the field of removing heat from the process water and throwing it in the atmosphere by using very efficient cooling towers.

NJX is in the process of upgrading its, manufacturing facilities and would soon be supplying cooling towers in europeon countries in a big way.

Our Approach

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Manufacturing Facilities

NJX Cooling Tower & Equipments PVT LTD have all the facilities which are required to develop and produce cooling tower components, be these for FRP, Timber or RCC Towers.

Now NJX is on the threshold of upgrading its manufacturing facilities and will have the following fully equipped sections.

  • FRP Section
  • Timber Section
  • Machining Section
  • Pattern Making Shop
  • Research and Development Cell
NJX Cooling Towers & Equipments Private Limited

J.P Sharma


Person behind this fastest growing industry.

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